Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Sites

  1. ASPCA: Enter your zip code on this site to find out who offers local low-cost spay/neutering near you.

  2. Philly Paws: A low-cost spay/neuter wellness clinic for those in or near Philadelphia, PA.

  3. Animal Welfare Association New Jersey (AWANJ): Reduced cost spay/neuter programs in or near South Jersey.

Rescue/Adoption Information

Looking to adopt? Nothing makes me happier! Be sure to check your local shelters often and check out your local rescues. Remember, most rescues are run 100% by volunteers so the process may take awhile.

  1. Petfinder or Adopt a Pet: Search by breed, gender, age, and/or location to find exactly who you are looking for.

  2. Philly Paws: A low-cost spay/neuter wellness clinic for those in or near Philadelphia, PA.

  3. A Tail To Tell, Inc.: An amazing puppy mill rescue based out of Lancaster, PA. This is my favorite rescue (and one I am a foster mom for!). 

  4. Puppies And More RescueSouth Jersey Adoption & Foster Home Network - a rescue for puppies and dogs of all ages.

Emotional Support (Grief)

  1. Best Friends ResourcesI know all too well the grief that comes with losing a pet. The pain is sharp. I hope you find these resources helpful and encourage you to also reach out to your local animal hospital to see if they offer or can refer you to a pet loss counselor support group.

  2. Mount Laurel Animal Hospital: For those in South Jersey, Mount Laurel Animal Hospital offers a support group throughout the year. Call them to inquire.

  3. Penn Vet | Grief Support: For those near Philadelphia, PA.

Reporting Animal Abuse

  1. The Humane SocietyA resource for reporting animal abuse anywhere. 

  2. NJ Dept. of Health: To report cruelty in New Jersey.

  3. Pennsylvania SPCA: To report cruelty in Philadelphia, PA.

  4. Active Rain Blog Post: This blog post on how to file an animal cruelty complaint in a specific county in Pennslyvania.

  5. The Humane Society (Puppy Mill Reporting): To report a suspected puppy mill.


Finding Your Government Officials

  1. PA General AssemblyFor those in Pennslyvania

  2. New Jersey Legislature: For those in New Jersey

  3. USAGov: Finding your elected official in the US.


Puppy Mill Education

  1. United Against Puppy Mills (UAPM)

  2. Main Line Animal Rescue

  3. The Humane Society

  4. Bailing Out Benji

  5. ASPCA

  6. The Humane Society's Horrible Hundred: scroll down & click on “view full report” to see the worst offenders this year.

Recommended Products

  1. Champion Puppy Training System (Train Through Play): complete Amazon product list for new puppies as well as new puppy resources and e-books!