• Jenna Quinn

Where We Went: Pug Camp Recap

Yup, you read that title correctly…..over the weekend of 8/24/18 to 8/26/18 our whole family (all 3 dogs included) packed up the new RV and headed out to Camp Westmont in PA for PUG CAMP! It was everything I dreamed it would be and more. Talk about giving your children an amazing life…I sure as heck wasn’t at Pug Camp with my family at age 8 and 6. Heck, we didn’t even get our first dog until I was in high school (RIP Pete, loved by so many and forever in my heart)! And yes, I was just as obsessed with dogs then as I am now.

The girls clothes all set out to go!

Always right next to me.

Tanner always hops in the drivers seat.

Pure excitement.

So, what the heck is Pug Camp? Well, I will be honest…I had never even heard of it until June of this year. My sister sent me a link about it and down the rabbit hole I went. I actually booked it that same day, we were all THAT excited. You can learn all about it here: https://pugcamp.com/ and all about the group who runs it here: https://pugsquad.org/.

I’ve got to tell you…our family got to Pug Camp late (no surprise to a single person who knows us). We arrived just in time for dinner as the sun was starting to set. To get to the dining area we walked up a big hill….mid way up all we saw was just glorious-ness!

P U G P E N S! Adorable groups of pugs in little pens (gates) with the glow of the sunrise shining down on them, it was like Heaven! The sight of this was quickly followed by squeals of excitement from our daughters…such an epic moment that really laid the groundwork for the rest of the weekend.

After walking around petting every dog we possibly could and eating dinner, it was time to enjoy a cocktail (thank you @curlytailcoffee) and head to the movie theatre where we watched Isle of Dogs. Everyone was snuggled up with their Pug, lights out, ready to watch until……..the movie started and the room just ERUPTED with the noise of startled Pugs. SO MUCH contagious barking and Pug noises…it went on for at least 10 minutes! We spent more time laughing about this than anything else. Our girls are still talking about it; I am certain it’s a memory that they will never forget. So much high pitched barking, grunting, and snoring! Ha, I am laughing just typing this.

The adorable girl who sat in front of me at the theater.

Saturday was super exciting for me for four reasons:

1: Pug Yoga

2: Pug Olympics

3: Meeting the @Pugdashians

4: Costume Contest

Pug Yoga was a blast. Mama’s Girl worked super hard as she knew this was her last workout before Olympics. As always, she stayed fashionable while doing it.

After breakfast and coffee (thank you @curlytailcoffee) we headed down to the Olympics. There were a bunch of different games you could enter and for Mama’s Girl we decided on Pug Races (senior division), Curliest Tail, and Longest Kisser. You will have to check back to see the races live (we have it on video to be posted soon!), but let’s just say we didn’t win anything. And yes, of course we were robbed 😊 #hatinonthewinners . You better believe we are coming stronger than ever next year! Ha!

our girl Chuckie in her custom Adidog track suit.

Two pugs in Eagles gear ready to race!

One of the longest tongue winners, there was a tie!

After the Olympics were over I rushed back to the RV to put makeup on and get Mama’s in her fanciest dress so we both would look proper to meet the Pugdashian sisters. This was EVERYTHING! Tilly is sassy as anything and my girl Sissy and I are truly best friends.

With our celebrity friends #nbd

Tilly and I #girlfriends

We had the honor of putting Ma’s in their stroller and as you can see Natty was giving her a good sniff thinking “who the heck are you?”

Ha! It was great and their owner is just as lovely as the girls themselves. She does a TON of rescue work and I so admire that about her. The Pugdashians will be at #pugstakephilly and I can’t wait to see them again!

After the meet up we had some free time to hang at the lake. It was beautiful. Tanner, Mama’s Girl, and Hermie all swam while the girls went down the big slide. Tanner went on a paddle boat ride with Pat while Mama’s Girl ran all around like a young pup with her new friends. Hermie stayed close by to me just like always. I took it all in, overwhelmed with feelings of gratitude that this is the life we get to live and have created for our family. These are moments I will cherish forever.

Late afternoon it was time for the costume contest. I looked like a real slacker at this event. I should have known better than to bring a mermaid fin and think that was good enough. UGH! #nextyear. Anyways, the competition was incredible. Not only were the costumes for the dogs incredibly well thought out, but owners also got in on the action. As I sent photos to my family back home they all basically responded that I should be embarrassed by my lack of preparedness….they were right! Just look at these angel babies…..

Later that night, the girls made some crafts and we went out to dinner with our family (they live local to the camp) so we missed out on the evening social.

Tired dogs.

The next morning we had breakfast and said “so long” to all of our new Pug friends. We honestly had the best time ever. But the BEST news to share out of all of this is that $17,000 was raised over the course of this weekend to support Pug Rescue! I am beyond thrilled with this number and I am certain everyone else is too! Thank you to Pug Squad for doing all the work needed to make this event the fabulous time that it was!

$17,000 in three days, wow, I am just so happy! So many lives will be saved.

#pugsrule #dogsrule