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Puppy Mill Awareness Month

September is Puppy Mill Awareness month. In recognition, advocates from all across the country hold events, march, speak out against and raise awareness of the horrors of puppy mills.

I remember our first Puppy Mill Awareness Day vividly out in Intercourse, PA. Pat and I were still in college and we took our adopted Boxer, Champ. As always, the local rescues informed the millers that they could safely drop off their dogs at this event, no questions asked. Many dogs were brought to us that day by “the good farmers.” The one I remember most was a large chocolate lab. This lab was in terrible condition, filthy, crusty eyes, nails growing into the paw pad, barely able to walk. I cried. All of us did. This dog was one of the lucky ones, taken into rescue, given vet care, love and a forever home.

After that we walked through the town square and up and down the route where many puppy mills were at that time. Many honked and cheered us on, others did nothing. Puppy Mills were a controversial topic in Lancaster and all over the country then and sadly it still is now, even with all of the awareness that has been raised over the last 12 years.

Pat and I as college kids volunteering for UAPM

While progress has been made in PA with Libre’s Law going into effect last year there is still so much to be done. For one, new mills open and expand monthly. Most people are quick to share their opinion on line, but when it comes time to show up and speak up…the seats are empty at the town zoning hearings or filled with the same 10 people over and over again. Another issue the stance of the kennel clubs, whose breeders will come out in large groups to speak out against any type of regulations in regards to dog breeding. Their stance always leaves me wondering “when does responsible dog breeding become irresponsible dog breeding?” So far, I have not gotten a straight answer from any breeder that I personally have asked. They dance around the question.

Our daughters at PMAD 2016

Puppy Mill Awareness Day is on September 16, 2018 this year in Lancaster. Pat and I will be there touching base with like minded dog advocates and catching up with rescue friends. To see what’s happening at this event be sure to follow me on IG @jennafromchamps . Throughout the month of September I will be sharing different posts about the misery of puppy mills. A few topics are: puppy mills and pet stores and the popularity of puppy mill dogs being sold on line. Be sure to subscribe to stay up to date on the latest information!



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