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My Favorite Rescue Is Most Certainly 'A Tail To Tell.'

A Tail To Tell is a dog rescue whose mission is to “free dogs from the horrors of puppy mills in Pennsylvania.” The amazing women and men of this groups have built relationships with the Amish and Mennonite “farmers” (puppy millers) of Lancaster County. When a dog is no longer of use to these “farmers” ATTT takes the dogs, as many as they will give them, no questions asked.

Why are the “farmers” giving these dogs up? 

  • They can not or will not breed for them anymore. (This is the most common reason.)

  • The dog is sick.

  • They haven’t been able to sell them for whatever reason. 

Something to keep in mind: the “good farmers” (crazy to even categorize them as good) are the ones who call for dogs to be taken. The rest of them, well their dogs are not so lucky. They are killed or left to die.

Most puppy mill dogs never receive vet care. In fact, PA law states that the dogs need to be seen by a vet once a year, not treated by a vet. ATTT spends thousands a month on vet care and medication for their dogs. Heidi, the bulldog posted above, required surgeries and was struggling for life upon being saved by ATTT. They got her just in time, now she is free to WALK and RIDE and enjoy the sunshine. This is the mother of so many sold litters…she lived so many years outdoors with no vet care, just breeding and breeding and breeding. It’s amazing she made it through so many cold winters in her condition. Hundreds of other dogs just like Heidi will have to fight to survive this coming summer and winter all while maintaining breeding machine status.

As of a few days ago ATTT has 78 dogs in their system. 88 dogs have been adopted out in the last year and they have touched the lives of 166 dogs , one of them being my Pug, Mama’s Girl. A Tail To Tell also provides financial assistance to 8 mill dogs who are in another rescue’s system but still need help. On top of all of that, last year they picked up 11 dogs for other rescues who did not have the relationship with the “farmers” to get the dogs.

As you would expect bills add up quickly, so A Tail To Tell is always fundraising. Here are some easy peasy ways you can help:

Make a one time donation via pay pal: https://www.atailtotell.com/donations

Make a monthly donation (as low as $10.00/mo.): https://www.atailtotell.com/donations

Attend one of their great fundraisers: https://www.atailtotell.com/event/evening-comedy-tail-tell-funnyman-jeff-norris

If you’re local, come into Champ’s and donate your change into our jar for the “1 million pennies” campaign. 

A Tail To Tell saves lives every day and you can help this cause with the push of the “share” button and by spreading awareness to your own personal family and friends. Here is what you need to tell them: 

Don’t purchase a puppy from an Amish or Mennonite Farmer in Lancaster County, PA. No-not every single Amish/Mennonite person is a puppy miller , but they do all benefit from the sales of the dogs, they do hide dogs for one another, and they do not police their own. If they are not personally selling dogs, chances are their family members are. 

Don’t purchase dogs off websites. Sites such as Greenfield puppies and Lancaster puppies are broker sites for puppy mills. 

Don’t purchase a puppy from a pet store. Retail pet stores puppies come from puppy mills.

Alright, now that you got that all down go out and spread the word!!!!

 We can’t wait around for laws to be changed and mills to shut down because as long as these puppies are still in demand things will never change. 

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” ~ Gandhi 



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