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I'm happy to have you here.

I'm a "professional dog petter" in NJ looking to teach, inspire, and learn all there is to know about animal welfare, so we can come together and change the world! 

Most days you can find me running back and forth between my home and business, trying my best hold it down as a wife, mom, business woman, and animal advocate.

The purpose behind Jenna From Champ's is to give fellow animal advocates a one-stop shop where you can find the latest information regarding animal welfare issues, ways to get involved in your local community, and the best resources for being responsible pet owners. JFC will also sprinkle in bits of our business and home-life as I believe knowing heart and mind of the person behind the blog is just as important as the work itself!

While I stand behind many animal welfare campaigns, the ones I am most passionate about are:

  • The spay and neuter campaign

  • Pet rescue and adoption

  • Putting an end to puppy mills

  • Responsible pet ownership

     I started my work as an animal advocate while in college out in Lancaster County, PA. This is where I learned about and saw first hand the horror of puppy mills and where I first became active volunteering at shelters and in animal welfare organizations.


     Today my husband and I use our social media platforms to educate and raise awareness to our community and customers in NJ. We are also foster parents for A Tail To Tell Rescue and are independent rescuers, taking in, fostering, and rehoming dogs that would have otherwise ended up in the shelter system.

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Want to know more? Here are 5 things you might not know about me:

1. I got engaged at the Humane League of Lancaster County. My husband was down on one knee inside a kennel at the back of the shelter. It made the local paper, ha!

2. I grew up collecting all things 101 Dalmatians and that was my favorite breed for most of my life. In college I adopted a Boxer (Champ) and ever since then they have been my favorite breed.

3. I was a Social Worker in nursing homes before opening Champ’s Dog House. If it wasn’t for my husband I would still be a Social Worker and Champ’s would still be just a dream.

4. I have been over the top, crazy, about dogs since my childhood. I grew up in the Mayfair section of Philadelphia and if you ask anyone who knew me in grade school-my love of dogs would likely be what they know me most for.

5. I try and always keep a positive outlook. Despite the sad stories and cruelty cases we see in rescue work, I keep front of mind all of the good hearted people out there who want to help and help spread the message of kindness.

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